tirsdag 28. oktober 2008

The Horizon

You can now hear the first track from my 7" on my myspace page. It´s called The Horizon and I hope you´ll like it! The 7" will be released in early February 2009. There will be two tracks on the 7", of course, and you will be able to download mp3s + two bonus tracks when buying a vinyl. The first 100 vinyls will have a knitted cover. There are some knitters in my hometown helping me out with the task as we speak. I´ve knitted some of them myself. This one I finished today. Nice?!

torsdag 23. oktober 2008

Photo shoot with Mark in Williamsburg!

So, I spent this wonderful day in Williamsburg with another very nice danish guy, Mark! I must really miss Copenhagen, right, hanging out with all these danish guys all the time. Anyway, Mark is a photographer and helped me out with some new press photos. Here are some of my own photos from a lovely day in Brooklyn!

onsdag 22. oktober 2008

More X-mas recordings

The Christmas recordings are almost finished. Last night me and Kaspar jumped on the buss and met up with Mark Wixom in his apartment here in Brooklyn. We recorded some double bass and violin tracks with him. It turned out just perfect!

fredag 17. oktober 2008

Give me X-mas time...

Yesterday we turned our living room into a studio and started to record the two X-mas songs I wrote this summer! We all had good fun! Kaspar is really great working with! Kaspar is also guest starring with some guitar tracks and some backing vocals. And I proudly present Mr. Arnbjørn Marklund on bass! We are not finished recording yet, but it sounds great already. Here are some photos from yesterdays session:

onsdag 15. oktober 2008

Bushwick, my home away from home

So I´m spending a few months in NYC to write new songs for the Stina Stjern debut album! I´ve written more music in these few months, than I´ve done the last couple of years!! It feels great to finally be able to focus 100% on writing. I love what´s become my everyday life here in NYC. I try to spend as much time as possible at home here in Bushwick with my new Hagstrom Viking guitar! Hopefully I´ll have enough good material come Christmas, so I can start recording the album sometime during spring 2009.

tirsdag 14. oktober 2008

So, the X-mas spirit came early this year!

During the summer here in NYC i actually found some true X-mas spirit and wrote two songs for my favorite season of the year. Maybe it was a little homesickness that made me hear sleigh bells in the middle of July, but anyway: On Thursday I´ll record the songs here in Brooklyn with my new danish friend Kaspar Kaae. I´m very exited!

Eventually the songs will be released digitally with a X-mas card designed by my friend Ingrid Baadnes. Ingrid does all of my artwork, and I love it!! So, stay tuned for more early X-mas updates!

mandag 13. oktober 2008

Who would´ve thought...

So now I´m officially a blogger. Who would´ve thought? It´s about time really, since I´ve been keeping a diary since the age of 8. I still do, and here you´ll be able to read some of it....

I´ll give you the latest news on everything new going on with Stina Stjern, whether it is new songs, words or even knitting.

Stay tuned and enjoy!