mandag 18. oktober 2010

Up Coming shows

Here are my up coming shows this year:

Tuesday November 9: Streetlight's Artistdugnad, By Scenen Trondheim, Norway

Wednesday November 17: Tjili pop, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thursday November 18: W/ Sebastian Lind, Beta, Copenhagen, Denmark

Monday November 22: W/ CODY, Astra Stube, Hamburg, Germany

Wednesday December 15: Tjili pop, Copenhagen, Denmark

Monday December 20: "I'll be home for Christmas 2010", Smia, Blæst, Trondheim, Norway

Tuesday December 21: "I'll be home for Christmas 2010", Rock City, Namsos, Norway

Hope to see you there!

onsdag 13. oktober 2010

Trondheim rehearsals

Been rehearsing with Kyrre and Lars Ove in Trondheim the last couple of days. First time playing with Lars Ove, and it sounds very very good! He's a nice guy too. Kyrre's is also a nice guy, he's been providing us with sweets and coffee.

fredag 8. oktober 2010

Big celebration coming up!

InTransit dance company celebrates their 5 year anniversary at Verkstedshallen, Trondheim tomorrow. They will perform a few pieces and Stina Stjern will play a set. In other words: Verkstedhallen is the place to be if you are in Trondheim tomorrow night. Show time: 7 pm.

søndag 3. oktober 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Marklund

I got married to my wonderful Arnbjørn J. S. Marklund this summer. We had the most perfect day with about 150 friends and family at Sjøåsen Hotel, Namdalseid, Norway. The party turned out to be quite a festival with bands like, Cody (DK), The Loch Ness Mouse, Silence the foe (my husbands former band), Electric ladyland (my sisters former band) and Beast of Bourbon (My fathers band) played all night. My former band "Supervixen" also played a few songs! It was amazing to share the stage with the girls again!