fredag 31. juli 2009

Stina Stjern goes autoerotic at Overgaden

I played å small set at Overgaden yesterday. Overgaden has for more than two decades been among the leading non-profit exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Copenhagen. My small performance and a seminar called Beautiful Objects in Photography was connected to an exhibition called "LYST" (Lust). Both Sara Katrine Thiesen and Paul Sepuya spoke about why photography is the medium most often used to reflect on subjects like gender, identity and body. They both gave a very inspiring lecture about this matter and their own work. Last chance to see "LYST" is this weekend!

Here is a small sample of my performance:

lørdag 18. juli 2009

Live in Twin Peaks

We've been playing Råttistock, Skage and Rollaugsbistro, Namsos. Both shows went well, but especially the last one was very much like playing live in Twin Peaks ( just without the red velvet). Feel very much ready for øya and Pstereo. Here are some pics: