tirsdag 31. mars 2009

Next stop is TRH

For the second time in 5 days I'm packing my bags to go to Norway! I'll be on my way to Trondheim in an hour or so! I'll play two spilt gigs with Gunhild and one gig with Mayflies. I'll be performing with my "one man band" in Trondheim and Stavanger. At Sound of Mu in Oslo, Anita will join me with some noise and backing vocals! Just a reminder:

Wednesday April 1st @ BrukBar, Trondheim ( with Gunhild)
Thursday April 2nd @ Sound of Mu, Oslo ( with Gunhild)
Saturday April 4th @ Tou Scene, Stavanger ( with Mayflies)

tirsdag 24. mars 2009

I heart my Concord

Going to use the next couple of days rehearsing for the 3 solo gigs in Norway next week. I'm working on adding a few new elements to the act such as my drum machine (which I have used a year to figure out) and more cassette tapes. I have a nice practice space here in Copenhagen and there I have my beloved amp. It's a Sound City Concord! It smells like a flea market and sounds warm and noisy (Eh…cozy)! I missed it so much while hanging out in NYC!! I tried it together with my Hagstrøm Viking for the first time last week! Sounded awesome, I tell ya'!

mandag 23. mars 2009

Stina Stjern buttons

Spent my Monday evening making some good old Stina Stjern buttons. Just need to perfect them before I'll put them on my web shop. I will also bring them with me to the Stina Stjern shows in Norway next week. A third show show is just conformed by the way. I'll play at Tou Scene in Stavanger, Norway on Saturday April 4th. Sweet!

onsdag 18. mars 2009

Café Svejk

We had a wonderful evening at Café Svejk last night!! Gunhild played a good set of her own songs together with Kasper and Morten. The place was packed with new and old friends. My boss gave free beer for two hours to everyone who came! I had great fun playing solo again! Feel like I'm about to find a really good energy while standing alone on stage. I look forward to the next gig at BrukBar already!

mandag 16. mars 2009

The final covers

A few days after the official 7" release I received the few last knitted covers in the mail at my parents house in Namsos. These are made by my sister in law ( or my boyfriends youngest brothers wife to be correct), Eirien Mosby. My mother also finished a cover after the actual release (the one with the red letters). I finally picked them up last week while hanging out in Namsos for a couple of days. Nice to have a few new covers for tomorrows "release party" here in Copenhagen! Please join us at Café Svejk in Smallegade 31, tomorrow night at 8 pm if you can!

onsdag 11. mars 2009

Greetings from Namsos

Just wanted to say hi. I'm in my hometown Namsos,now. Working with a local theatre group. Going back to Copenhagen tomorrow to prepare for the Stina Stjern shows coming up. Got to go! My father yells! Dinner is ready... nice!