tirsdag 30. november 2010

Advent in Glinkasvej

Enjoying advent in our Copenhagen apartment.

søndag 21. november 2010

Good Times

I've been hanging out/ practicing with Ola and Kyrre in Copenhagen the last couple of days. We've played show at Beta last Thursday and tomorrow we are going to Hamburg to support Cody at Astra-stube! Good times!

onsdag 10. november 2010


Thanks for a wonderful evening i Trondheim last night! Kyrre, Lars Ove and I gave a set at Streetlight's charity concert at Byscenen. The money from the event will support children living on the streets of Tacloban, Philippines! Streetlight also sold home knitted socks that local knitters had donated for this good cause! I will start knitting asap so that I can donate loads next year! Read more about Streetlight here!