mandag 22. desember 2008


I'm taking a few days off to celebrate Christmas with my dear family and friends in Namsos!! All the gifts are bought and here's snow, so I'm all set for a Christmas to remember!
I want to wish you all a Merry Little Christmas!

PS! Trønder Avisa wrote this about Stina Stjern a couple of days ago! Enjoy!

søndag 21. desember 2008

"I'll be home for Christmas"

Time flies and all of a sudden I've left New York and I'm home with my parents for Christmas. Feels good and a little wierd! I came here last thursday and since then I've been working around the clock with some great local musicians and a dancer to make some christmas magic for the people in my hometown, Namsos. Finally, yesterday we played the annual Stina Stjern "I'll be home for christmas" concert in Namsos Kulturhus! It turned out great and I had a wonderful time on stage! My fellow musicians did a fantastic job and I was really happy with everything! We also had one special guest with us: Kaspar Kaae/ Cody came all the way to Namsos from Copenhagen to contribute to the concert. He also played a show later in the evening @ Rollaugs Bistro. I was really proud to precent him to the audience in Namsos

onsdag 17. desember 2008

More knitted covers

Here are a few more 7" covers I've knitted! Enjoy these while I pack my bags and get ready to leave this NYC!

tirsdag 9. desember 2008

"I'll be home for Christmas" 2008!

One week left in wonderful New York before going home to Namsos, Norway, for Christmas! In Namsos I'll do my annual Stina Stjern "I'll be home for Christmas" concert with local musicians and friends. It will take place at Kulturhuset in Namsos, Saturday December 20th at 7 pm. A special guest will show up this year though! My danish friend Kasper Kaae/Cody, who I recorded the Christmas songs with, will join us on stage. He will also play his own show at Cyberland on the official "I'll be home for Christmas" nachspiel. I hope a lot of old familiar faces will show up at both concerts. The local newspaper, Namdalsavisa, wrote this about the Christmas Card release and both concerts today! And yeah, I made the poster myself...

fredag 5. desember 2008

Goodbye Blue Monday and stuff!

I finished my 3 concerts here in Brooklyn. The last one was at Goodbye Blue Monday last tuesday. I played with Arnbjørn on bass and Zach on drums. Nice to have some fellow musicians on stage again.

Click here to watch a filed web stream of Spend My Stars.

Also adresseavisen in Trondheim wrote this today!

søndag 30. november 2008

Christmas card out now!

Finally my Christmas cards are out and ready to find their way out to family and friends. If you want to send some good old Christmas spirit to some of your dear ones, you can buy the cards in Namsos or by visiting my brand new web shop (click image to enter web shop):

onsdag 26. november 2008

Stina Stjern @ Pete's Candy Store

I played another solo gig yesterday. It took place at Pete's Candy Store here in Brooklyn. I love that place! The stage is like a tiny theater. The atmosphere is really spacial and I felt really comfortable playing in front of some good friends. I'm still getting used to playing alone, though. I find it very challenging in a good way. From now on it can only get better, right!

søndag 23. november 2008

Viva Don Pedro's

So I played my first solo gig tonight at Don Pedro's, Brooklyn! It was the first time in years I was alone on stage, and it turned out quite good, I must say. Thanks to all of you guys showing up!
Hope to see ya' all at Pete's Candy Store on Tuesday!

fredag 21. november 2008

Stina Stjern knits

Just made a new knitted vinyl cover!
Here it is:

onsdag 19. november 2008

"Give Me Christmas Time" dance remix

My friend Triobelisk just made this amazing remix of "Give Me Christmas Time". This will be a bonus track on the Christmas card release. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do:

Give Me Christmas Time Dance Remix by Triobelisk

onsdag 12. november 2008

Stina Stjern Live in Brooklyn

I'm doing 3 shows in Brooklyn before I have to go home to Norway:

Sunday November 23 @ Don Pedro, 9 pm
Tuesday November 25 @ Pete's Candy Store, 10 pm
Tuesday December 2 @ Goodbye Blue Monday, 9 pm

Hope to see you there!

mandag 10. november 2008

Stina Stjern Christmas Card Release

Finally the Christmas songs are finished, and the Christmas cards are sent off to print! The card is designed by Ingrid Baadnes, and I'm very happy with the result. Here is a little sample of my Christmas songs. Enjoy!
Christmas card prelisten

tirsdag 4. november 2008

tirsdag 28. oktober 2008

The Horizon

You can now hear the first track from my 7" on my myspace page. It´s called The Horizon and I hope you´ll like it! The 7" will be released in early February 2009. There will be two tracks on the 7", of course, and you will be able to download mp3s + two bonus tracks when buying a vinyl. The first 100 vinyls will have a knitted cover. There are some knitters in my hometown helping me out with the task as we speak. I´ve knitted some of them myself. This one I finished today. Nice?!

torsdag 23. oktober 2008

Photo shoot with Mark in Williamsburg!

So, I spent this wonderful day in Williamsburg with another very nice danish guy, Mark! I must really miss Copenhagen, right, hanging out with all these danish guys all the time. Anyway, Mark is a photographer and helped me out with some new press photos. Here are some of my own photos from a lovely day in Brooklyn!

onsdag 22. oktober 2008

More X-mas recordings

The Christmas recordings are almost finished. Last night me and Kaspar jumped on the buss and met up with Mark Wixom in his apartment here in Brooklyn. We recorded some double bass and violin tracks with him. It turned out just perfect!

fredag 17. oktober 2008

Give me X-mas time...

Yesterday we turned our living room into a studio and started to record the two X-mas songs I wrote this summer! We all had good fun! Kaspar is really great working with! Kaspar is also guest starring with some guitar tracks and some backing vocals. And I proudly present Mr. Arnbjørn Marklund on bass! We are not finished recording yet, but it sounds great already. Here are some photos from yesterdays session: