onsdag 16. desember 2009

"I'll be home for Christmas" 2009

I proudly present my annual christmas concert. I'll take place at Namsos Kulturhus Monday December 21st! Friends from back home and Kaspar and Line from Cody(DK) will join me on stage! If you are i Namsos you are very welcome to join us for some musical christmas candy!

onsdag 9. desember 2009

Taakeheheimen Lydrike

Wonderful days in the studio recording our very first album!! So far so good! We are having a great time here in Taakeheimen Lydrike. Marcus Fosgren from The Lionheart Brothers and Bård Ingebrigtsen from Sirens and Us are engineering! Stina Stjern sounds warmer and nicer than ever! Can't wait to show it to you guys!

onsdag 2. desember 2009


Arrived in Oslo this morning. Been hanging around with Kyrre while waiting for the studio to be ready! Bought the vinyl "No New York" at Tiger! I also bought a book, " Drømmefakultetet" by the swedish writer Sara Stridsberg. It's about Valerie Solanas and I'm looking forward to read it soon, soon! We made friends with a cute horse on the way! nice! Right now I'm hanging out in Taakeheimen wating for Ola. Then we'll get to work! Oh yes, we are going to record the vert first Stina Stjern album.

søndag 18. oktober 2009


I'm in Trondheim right now working on my dance performance "LITTLE SISTER". I came here last wednesday. The last couple of days I've been working with the dancers on timing music and choreography. "LITTLE SISTER" is a 45 minute dance performance about a little sister and a big sister and their relationship. The "soundtrack" is a pice of music which I wrote this summer. The music will be performed by me and 10 kids playing the violin. Tomorrow the dancers and the orchestra will meet for the very first time. I'm very excited! The big premier is on Thursday October 22nd at Olavshallens lille sal in Trondheim. It starts at 7 pm. Welcome!

søndag 11. oktober 2009

working sunday

Sunday is workday! Sitting by my grandfathers desk working on my computer listening to Jim O' Rourke. I 'm working on some details regarding my dance performance "Little Sister". I'm going to Trondheim next wednesday to work with the dancers for a couple of days. I might have to do some small changes to the music before meeting up whit the orchestra on monday October 19th There are 10 kids between 10 and 12 years old in the orchestra. They are all from Trondheim Kommunale Kulturskole ( the local music school in Trondheim) and they play the violin! The premier is Thursday October 22nd. I've been working on this piece for almost two years and it feels kind of surreal that the time has come. Must admit, I'm a little unfocused today. So much more fun taking funny pics with my mask on and making blog posts. I just posted one at the Little Sister blog as well. Check it out!

tirsdag 6. oktober 2009

work, work and a train ride

The last couple of months my life's been nothing but work, work and work and a train ride back and forth to work everyday. I've just started a new part time job in Hillerød, Denmark. Here I'm working at a youth club for youngsters with different handicap. I work at the Theatre and Music program of course. The new job is wonderful in every way. Wonderful co-workers and wonderful young people. On top of this I'm working on my dance performance, "Little Sister". The premier is coming up in just a few weeks. It takes place in Trondheim, Norway. I'm very excited. Almost too excited.... And then of course I'm working on writing som new Stina Stjern- stuff.

tirsdag 8. september 2009

Distant Stjern

So the new Triobelisk single "Distant Star" will be out tomorrow. The single features some homemade Stina Stjern vocals recorded right here in my living room. Did you know that Stjern
(e) actually means star in Norwegian? You can download "Distant Star" here, at discobelle.

“Triobelisk, a mysterious entity and transplant from Washington, DC to Gothenburg, Sweden has dropped his latest single “Distant Star”– an analog-laden space disco party featuring the vocals of Norwegian singer, Stina Stjern, whom Triobelisk started a collaboration with late last year. The single appears 09/09/09 first on bandcamp and then finds its way to the other services (iTunes, Beatport, etc…) within the next few weeks. Also featured on the single alongside 2 b-sides is the new Swedish Columbia artist from Japan, Itaru, who brings his brave IDM-influenced tokyo style remix into the fold alongside Outputmessage (Washington, DC) and Deluce (France). Triobelisk has some DJ appearances in the works for his new hometown and plans on emerging slowly from his cocoon into the club-scene with a new live set and even another single by the years end. The monuments vibrate and whisper that the singularity grows closer and to make courageous choices.”

mandag 7. september 2009

New pics, old happenings!

I had a wonderful Stina Stjern summer! My friend Annika Ostwald sent me a few pics. They are from the Pstereo gig in Trondheim. Annika is a dancer and a choreographer. She is actually working on my dance performance "LITTLE SISTER" as we speak. I also got a few pics taken at the klubbøya gig at Gamla, Oslo. They are taken by Ingrid Håvik from the band Killers are Quiet. Thank you guys!

onsdag 2. september 2009

Cute drawing

A young man made me this when I played at Vår Frue Kirke in Trondheim a couple of weeks ago! You can definitely se the resemblance! Take a look at the details on the guitar and the Dear Creatures dress! I think this is so cute!

torsdag 20. august 2009

Band practice in Trondheim

Just came home from the second day of band practice with Ola and Kyrre! We're preparing for the gig at the PSTEREO festival here in Trondheim tomorrow. We're very excited about playing together again. This time we have been able to work more focused on developing our sound. Think we've been able to give each song more of an identity and I have a feeling that we are taking step or two in the right direction. I really hope so at least! Ola and Kyrre are two wonderful musicians and I am so very grateful to be able to work with them!

We're playing tomorrow at PSTEREO at 5pm. I'll also play a solo set at Vår Frues kirke at 8 pm! I sure can have the cake and eat it too...Hope to see you!

lørdag 15. august 2009


The Öya festival in Oslo is soon over. I was lucky enough to play at the club day on tuesday, before I had to return to wonderful copenhagen. Playing with Ola and Kyrre at Gamla was a lot of fun. Think we had a good energy on stage and there was something looking like a crowd as well! After the gig we went to John Dee to see the Crystal Stilts. They put on a quite good show i think! The night ended at Internationalen with friends. Nice! And that was my Öya festival, really. Had to go back to Copenhagen on wednesday. Work work! Next week is Pstereo in Trondheim! Hope to see you there!

By the way: You can read the Stina Stjern interview at Nö Music here. Enjoy!

onsdag 5. august 2009

New stuff!

Using my summer days inside a dirty rehearsal room on Refshalen to write some new Stina Stjern stuff. I'm also busy writing music for my upcoming dance performance called "LITTLE SISTER". It's a contemporary dance performance where the music will be played by an orchestra containing of 12 kids plying the violin and some other stuff. I've had to learn how to play the violin too, the last couple of months. A lot of fun for me, but maybe not too much fun for my rehearsal neighbors!

tirsdag 4. august 2009

My Horizons

I've had a great summer so far. Was lucky enough to get 5 days off! Spent them at my Family's summer house at Kiran in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. I really needed some time to knit, read and do summer stuff. Here are a few Horizons for you guys to enjoy. (Imagine some fresh air and the wind in you hair to go with it.)

fredag 31. juli 2009

Stina Stjern goes autoerotic at Overgaden

I played å small set at Overgaden yesterday. Overgaden has for more than two decades been among the leading non-profit exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Copenhagen. My small performance and a seminar called Beautiful Objects in Photography was connected to an exhibition called "LYST" (Lust). Both Sara Katrine Thiesen and Paul Sepuya spoke about why photography is the medium most often used to reflect on subjects like gender, identity and body. They both gave a very inspiring lecture about this matter and their own work. Last chance to see "LYST" is this weekend!

Here is a small sample of my performance:

lørdag 18. juli 2009

Live in Twin Peaks

We've been playing Råttistock, Skage and Rollaugsbistro, Namsos. Both shows went well, but especially the last one was very much like playing live in Twin Peaks ( just without the red velvet). Feel very much ready for øya and Pstereo. Here are some pics: