fredag 30. januar 2009

On my way to Namsos

I just came home to my parents house after a long day traveling from Copenhagen. Copenhagen airport was such a chaos this morning. Travelers weren't able to check their luggage at the baggage drop due to some difficulties with the luggage belts. Everything had to be arranged in a very old fashioned way. All travelers had to bring their luggage outside and but it into the small luggage wagons they have at airports. The staff tried to arrange the luggage so that all the bags would reach its final destination. That never happened in my case of course! So for a while there my suitcase (with quite a few 7"es) and my beloved guitar were out in the cold world alone. A few hours ago they finally called me and told me that my treasures is in safe keeping in Namsos and they will bring them to me first thing in the morning. Nice!

onsdag 28. januar 2009

Oh, holy reindeer

Here are some more covers I made. I want to give these to the people who helped me make the 7". I have a few more to go though...Friday I'm going back to Namsos, Norway for the weekend to put all the hundred vinyl in the knitted covers and get everything ready for the release coming up.

mandag 26. januar 2009

Stina Stjern @ club:larm with Anita Kaasbøll

I'll be playing at club:larm in Oslo during the Norwegian music biz festival By:larm. My concert will take place at Funhouse, Thursday February 19th at 11.25 pm. Since my friend and drummer Kyrre Laastad will be playing with the fabulous Rockettothesky at the very same time I thought I'd invite another friend: Anita Kaasbøll from the vicious and wonderful band Bladed will contribute with some raw vocals and noise at Funhouse. I'm so excited!

lørdag 24. januar 2009

The 7" mini-tour

I will do 3 gigs in Norway to celebrate the 7" release:

Friday Febuary 6th @ Ungdomshuset Lagre´, Namsos
Fridag Febuary 6th @ 24, Namsos
Saturday Febuary 7th@ Smia, Blæst, Trondheim

I’m also proud to present my band for this tour:
Kyrre Laastad - drums
Ola Høyer - bass

torsdag 22. januar 2009


The 7" are here! They look so nice and it sounds even better than I hoped for! Remember that 100 of these will have exclusive knitted covers!

R.I.P Sonic T-shirt

I came back home to Copenhagen last week. So we've been using a few days to get settled in our new danish home. It's a very small and cosy apartment in a nice and quiet area called Sydhavnen. Anyway! I had some clothes and stuff stored in the cellar while hanging out in NYC. And guess what. There had been a water leek in the cellar a couple of months ago. We thought we'd been lucky and that the water hadn't reached our cellar room... But it turned out there had been a small leek. And the two containers that was damaged was (of course) a box with all of my photo albums and a big plastic bag containing ALL of my clothes. Here are a few pictures. For instance my Sonic Youth T-shirt which I bought the summer of 1995. Here with a little mildew. Shit happens! I loved that T-shirt...

lørdag 10. januar 2009


When I came home for X-mas, the local knitting store gave me a big box with all the covers that had been knitted while I was in New York. It was 92 all together!! 8 more to go, but I've got it covered! Here are some pictures from the small exhibition we had in Kulturhuset i Namsos! I'm so proud to show these to you!