torsdag 11. juni 2009

My Stina Stjern Summer

I'm now in a small Norwegian town called Moi. Here I'm working with young musicians and improvised music for a big show today. Anita will arrive later tonight, and we'll start preparing for the duo show here on Saturday. Since we've done both Stina Stjern songs and Bladed songs as a duo, we thought: "Why don't we mix both acts?". And so we will!

So, these are the Stina Stjern shows this summer. You and all of your friends are so very welcome:

13.06.09: Moi, Norway @ Moi w/Bladed

04.07.09: København, Denmark @ Café Svejk w/Bladed

17.07.09: Skage, Norway @ Råttiståkk w/Kyrre & Ola

18.07.09: Namsos, Norway @ Rollaugsplass w/ Kyrre & ola

11.08.09: Oslo, Norway @ Gamla, Klubb øya w/ Kyrre & Ola

21.08.09: Trondheim, Norway @ Pstereo w/ Kyrre & Ola

mandag 8. juni 2009


I had a wonderful weekend with good old friend at my family's summerhouse at Kiran, a few hours drive outside of Trondheim. On our way we saw this sign. I guess it's where the family name originally comes from!

onsdag 3. juni 2009

Gamla Klubb Øya

I'll be playing at Klubb Øya this year. The gig takes place at Gamla, Oslo Tuesday August 11th. Klubb Øya is arranged as a part of my favorite Norwegian festival Øya. Both Ola and Kyrre will join me on this one. We'd love to see you there!