mandag 6. april 2009


The 3 gigs in Norway turned out very good. I had great fun! Thanks to all of you guys showing up and cheering for both me and Gunhild! Here are some things I've seen and done in the last couple of days:

Wednesday April 1st. TRONDHEIM

Stasjon'. A place where I used to live back in the days.

I was invited as a guest at a radio show at Studentradioen in Trondheim. Nice!

Gunhild Live @ BrukBar

BrukBar has great toilettes!

Thrusday April 2nd. OSLO:

On our way to Oslo. Kasper and Gunhild.

Me @ Oslo airport Gardermoen

Soud Check @ Sound of Mu!

Anita hanging out. (And then my camera run out of power....)

Saturday April 4th. STAVANGER:

Tou Scene

All alone on the backstage. Time for some self portraits!
( Looking good...hehe)

Alone on stage again....sweet!

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