torsdag 11. juni 2009

My Stina Stjern Summer

I'm now in a small Norwegian town called Moi. Here I'm working with young musicians and improvised music for a big show today. Anita will arrive later tonight, and we'll start preparing for the duo show here on Saturday. Since we've done both Stina Stjern songs and Bladed songs as a duo, we thought: "Why don't we mix both acts?". And so we will!

So, these are the Stina Stjern shows this summer. You and all of your friends are so very welcome:

13.06.09: Moi, Norway @ Moi w/Bladed

04.07.09: København, Denmark @ Café Svejk w/Bladed

17.07.09: Skage, Norway @ Råttiståkk w/Kyrre & Ola

18.07.09: Namsos, Norway @ Rollaugsplass w/ Kyrre & ola

11.08.09: Oslo, Norway @ Gamla, Klubb øya w/ Kyrre & Ola

21.08.09: Trondheim, Norway @ Pstereo w/ Kyrre & Ola

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