lørdag 15. august 2009


The Öya festival in Oslo is soon over. I was lucky enough to play at the club day on tuesday, before I had to return to wonderful copenhagen. Playing with Ola and Kyrre at Gamla was a lot of fun. Think we had a good energy on stage and there was something looking like a crowd as well! After the gig we went to John Dee to see the Crystal Stilts. They put on a quite good show i think! The night ended at Internationalen with friends. Nice! And that was my Öya festival, really. Had to go back to Copenhagen on wednesday. Work work! Next week is Pstereo in Trondheim! Hope to see you there!

By the way: You can read the Stina Stjern interview at Nö Music here. Enjoy!

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Einar sa...

Great gig at Gamla! My brother and I really enjoyed it.