tirsdag 8. september 2009

Distant Stjern

So the new Triobelisk single "Distant Star" will be out tomorrow. The single features some homemade Stina Stjern vocals recorded right here in my living room. Did you know that Stjern
(e) actually means star in Norwegian? You can download "Distant Star" here, at discobelle.

“Triobelisk, a mysterious entity and transplant from Washington, DC to Gothenburg, Sweden has dropped his latest single “Distant Star”– an analog-laden space disco party featuring the vocals of Norwegian singer, Stina Stjern, whom Triobelisk started a collaboration with late last year. The single appears 09/09/09 first on bandcamp and then finds its way to the other services (iTunes, Beatport, etc…) within the next few weeks. Also featured on the single alongside 2 b-sides is the new Swedish Columbia artist from Japan, Itaru, who brings his brave IDM-influenced tokyo style remix into the fold alongside Outputmessage (Washington, DC) and Deluce (France). Triobelisk has some DJ appearances in the works for his new hometown and plans on emerging slowly from his cocoon into the club-scene with a new live set and even another single by the years end. The monuments vibrate and whisper that the singularity grows closer and to make courageous choices.”

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