søndag 11. oktober 2009

working sunday

Sunday is workday! Sitting by my grandfathers desk working on my computer listening to Jim O' Rourke. I 'm working on some details regarding my dance performance "Little Sister". I'm going to Trondheim next wednesday to work with the dancers for a couple of days. I might have to do some small changes to the music before meeting up whit the orchestra on monday October 19th There are 10 kids between 10 and 12 years old in the orchestra. They are all from Trondheim Kommunale Kulturskole ( the local music school in Trondheim) and they play the violin! The premier is Thursday October 22nd. I've been working on this piece for almost two years and it feels kind of surreal that the time has come. Must admit, I'm a little unfocused today. So much more fun taking funny pics with my mask on and making blog posts. I just posted one at the Little Sister blog as well. Check it out!

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