tirsdag 15. mars 2011

How my song Tuning was born

A year after I first moved to Denmark, in 2007, I started a band together with Thomas from the now defunct Danish rock act The Royal Highness. We named ourselves Saint Augustine, but didn't really do much as we were both extremely busy with everything besides Saint Augustine (although we started out quite ambitious and videotaped every rehearsal and posted it on youtube as a diary). It was however during this period my song Tuning first saw the light of day (although we decided to call it "Skissy India"). Check out parts of the songwriting process in this video and listen to the song on the Saint Augustine myspace page (FYI: I'm singing in gibberish):

And this is how it sounds, two years after its origin, on my debut album "Days Like Waves".

Tuning by StinaStjern

I guess you can say it sounds quite different, but you should be able to hear that it is the same song.

Fun fact: I first met Thomas while he worked at Cafe Svejk - an awesome bar selling Czech beer. He got me a job there as bartender, and we had good fun bartending while listening to many great rock albums. Thomas now works for Warner Music in Denmark and I have released my debut as Stina Stjern on my own record label Familien Marklund. Funny how things turn out in life and I am glad we both have achieved some of the many dreams we talked about during the Saint Augustine period.

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