torsdag 14. juli 2011

And what a Summer it is!

My home office is now open and I'm enjoying my coffee while trying to organize Stina Stjern stuff. The heavy rain outside makes me think of our performance at the Hove Festival a couple of weeks ago! It was quite wet but also kind of cozy. You can read more about it at Lydverket and Usignert. I also found out that I'm on this fine list of "Top Female Vocalists of All-time" at Not too bad, huh? Coming up is a trip to Barcelona (vacation-time with my mom and sister) and 3 Stina Stjern shows in Norway in July and August! Check it out:

Brukbar, Trondheim, Saturday 30th July

Olagarden, Tafjord, Friday 5th August

Klubböya, Tilt, Oslo, Tuesday 9th August

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