søndag 21. desember 2008

"I'll be home for Christmas"

Time flies and all of a sudden I've left New York and I'm home with my parents for Christmas. Feels good and a little wierd! I came here last thursday and since then I've been working around the clock with some great local musicians and a dancer to make some christmas magic for the people in my hometown, Namsos. Finally, yesterday we played the annual Stina Stjern "I'll be home for christmas" concert in Namsos Kulturhus! It turned out great and I had a wonderful time on stage! My fellow musicians did a fantastic job and I was really happy with everything! We also had one special guest with us: Kaspar Kaae/ Cody came all the way to Namsos from Copenhagen to contribute to the concert. He also played a show later in the evening @ Rollaugs Bistro. I was really proud to precent him to the audience in Namsos

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